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The Ukelele Family


    Ukeleles are obviously a subset of the guitar family but there are enough interesting variants to merit looking at them seperately. They started from a small spanish guitar called the Braguinha in the days when Spain ruled the Hiwaiian islands, and the original form is still the best known member of the family. There are also a tenor and a baratone ukelele, a double strung form called the Taropatch, a triple strung form called the Tiple (pronounced tee-play), a paddle shaped form from the Philippines, and a group of tourist forms called the Treholope. Now there is also a modern bass ukelele the size of a tenor uke with very thick strings of some modern composition. It has painted-on frets and is enormous fun to play!

    It is also possible to find musically good ukeleles with a variety of body shapes and made from unusual materials (cocoanuts, gourds, or even carved from a solid block of wood).

    Here are also Examples of the family that I have worked on:

Tenor Ukelele
The Taropatch
The Tiple
Tahitian Ukelele
The Treholope
The Cigar Box Ukelele

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