Ancient Music

Assorted Oddities


    No matter how carefully one tries to catagorize a field, there are always examples that fairly defy the process. Yet most of these are (or were) successful stringed instruments in the mileu in which they arose.

    The instrument pictured here has no official name that I have yet discovered. It has some kinship to the Zither family in that it carries the stringing, tuning, and markings of the chord portion of a standard 15/4 Zither. It is a bowed instrument restricted to a single key (at a time). Nestled in the tuning pins on the bottom is a rounded knob that allows the player (holding the handle on top) to spin the instrument to present the desired chord to the bow! It was given to me by John W. and Nita Murray of Red Oak, Texas, who told me that they had once see Grandpa Jones playing it on the Grand Ole Opry.

    Here are a few others I have run across that don't fit our organization!

The african Harp
The Chapman Stick
Harmonica Support
The Erh-Hu
The Lap Dulcimer
The Hammered Dulcimer
The Charango

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