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       Ancient Music is a repair service devoted to the love and care of portable stringed musical instruments of all types. This includes all the common families (violins, guitars, banjos, etc.) and the folk instruments (dulcimers, zithers, etc.) as well as the odd, strange, and one-of-a-kind stringed instruments from any part of the world.
       We do not accept priceless museum-grade instruments (although we do have referral resources for them). Neither do we do production volume repair of school owned instruments.
       In addition we hope that this webside will also be a resource of interesting information about stringed musical instruments in all their rich and fascinating variety. If you have suggestions of information that should also be here, or corrections to information that is here, let us know and we will consider adding it in.
       Contact Us at: Sorry, the address is entered in this form to avoid detection by the junk mail spam-bots. Thanks for your patience!

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